Fierce & Zero T – Always Something / Axis (QRN2009)

As 2016 draws to a close we have a fantastic Quarantine release to round it off! As you may have guessed we are massive fans of Quarantine Records and most importantly what I call the Fierce and Zero T unofficial album series…

These two producers seem to hit all the right notes when it comes to their productions, and credit to them for keeping to a template which does not bend to the “what’s cool now” mindset. We love the way they make no frills, unrelenting, gritty drum and bass; they are definite kings of this sound
In the last few months we have had QRN2007, QRN2008 and now QRN2009 – that’s quite a prolific end to the year and not one of them is a weak release. For me, this latest one is the pick of the bunch.

The first side is called “Always Something” – I think this should be renamed “Relentless Dancefloor Destroyer”. The tune starts off with a high pitched horror chord accompanied by a kick and clap loop; you kind of know straight away this isn’t gonna be a tune for the fainthearted. When the drums come in, they hit hard; couple that with the band-passed midrange riff as it approaches the drop and it’s a recipe for maximum carnage. The way the kick works in tandem with the bass seems like a relentless stream of chest punching, something which would definitely tear apart a dance! I like my rollers and this one probably goes to the top of my list for 2016. This and “Inhibitor” (QRN2008) will be getting rinsed for a long time to come.

On the flip we have “Axis”, a somewhat mellower affair: well, compared to “Always Something” it was always going to be. Starting in a similar vein to the A-side the intro builds with purpose, with nice sound effects and reversed vocal sounds. The bass riff is quite subby and reminds me of classic ’94 era Jungle, but with a Fierce and Zero T twist, and the clever use of chopped reggae vocals solidifies that feel. It’s a very well put together track; all the elements fit together really well and the use of classic jungle drum breaks leading the groove underneath the main kick and snare make this a head nodder.

I do hope 2017 brings more quality musical nuggets from Fierce and Zero T as I think I will go into cold turkey if there are no follow ups to these quality releases from 2016.
I’m not sure now these two producers hooked up to make tracks in the first place, but it’s certainly a partnership that should carry on as they seem to have found a formula that uses both their production strengths and experiences.

Quarantine is definitely the home of gritty rollers, and showing people how it should be done.

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