Facing Jinx – For the Good of it All (Peer Pressure)

Facing Jinx brings us his first album, For the Good of it All released on his own imprint, Peer Pressure Records. A rich, soulful offering packed with collaborations that is a just representation of his sound. As the first LP on the label, it’s only fitting that it came from the man that started it all. 

Dragonfly opens the album featuring Conduct with its natural and spacious tones and an orchestral feel. Black Valentine has the juxtaposition between Sense MC’s raw flow and Khost’s delicate yet powerful vocals over organic piano chords and uplifting strings. Come Back to Me picks up the pace with light, rolling drums and distant piano droplets carried by Ewan J Phillips’ delicate vocals. 

Anyone familiar with the label would recognise Farz who appeared with an EP on Peer Pressure earlier this year and appears again with Miriella on the album. My Soul’s fizzy, weighty stabs talks to glossy pads and delicate piano chords. Fear of Losing features Philth, with fuzzy, rich bass and Formik’s euphoric and crisp vocals. Ignorance has an acoustic feel to it, with natural drums, a swirling saxophone and jazzy vocals, featuring Macc and Lavahi. 

The title track is a wholesome, ambient spoken word piece that warms the heart with melancholy. The pace picks up again with Talking Sense, as Diffrent Music boss Dexta and Becca Jane Grey combine for a sassy stepper with crisp percussion that evolves into an energetic roll-out after the second drop. Save your Life is a majestic and powerful piece with scattered drum sequencing and licks of fizzy bass and electric guitars, all guided by Khost’s vocals. Featuring the World brings the album to a close, with the dreamy vocals of Georgia Blackwell and a glossy guitar over a stripped-back beat. 

For the Good of it All is out now on Peer Pressure