Duece – Duece not Deuce EP


On April 7th, Southampton-based DJ and producer Duece unveiled his new EP ‘Duece Not Deuce’ on Eloisa Records.

Guest article by Will Dolan.

Duece’s EP opens up with a bang with the jump-up cracker Let It Up – a perfectly apt title for the highly explosive drop, which, doubled with a timeless roller sound, sets the bar high for what lies ahead. As his first release since mid-2019, a lot of time has been spent on making sure this hit the mark. The album flows seamlessly through its production mastery, most noticeable in the middle across tracks Half-Life and Woo, both following a similar jump-up X roller sound. The beat patterns create that energetic feel usually reserved for your classic summer festival atmosphere. And as we all know, we’ve had to look elsewhere for that this year.

Rounding things off, Salisbury delivers a newer school, faster jump-up style with unpredictable beats which is at the forefront of the way this sound is headed. This tune will no doubt find its way into a series of jump-up mixes this Summer. Dropping at a rapid 22 seconds, it manages to keep up the energy without becoming too repetitive. This one takes first place in the album for me.

Duece has a sound that a lot of producers at the moment are trying to achieve, but one that not that many can deliver with such emphasis. With an original twist to an old school sound; the use of new production equipment delivers a sophisticated clarity. The technical production style is liable to make him a staple on the new wave sound in jump-up, and I have no doubt he will progress massively in the industry as he continues marking his style.

Thanks, Will Dolan.

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