Dolenz – Evesdrop EP – Exit Records (Exit074)

You cannot help but notice dBridge’s ever changing taste looking back at Exit’s prior releases in 2017 (or even if looking over his entire musical discography; across all of his aliases- if you have enough time). Following on from the refreshing Different Response LP by the versatile Zed Bias, a name new on the Exit roster, Dolenz, is the latest to feature on the highly respected label. On a half-time/ beats flex, the fresh signing explores a variety of styles around the recently formed sub-genre. The Bridge once again doing his thing, keeping it True to his Craft and keeping everyone on their toes.

Heaps of hip hop flavours are brought to the table with ‘Evesdrop’, snappy vocal chops and pulsating air horns bring those classic vibes you can’t help but think ‘20/20’ when this one drops.

‘Geminus’ takes us on a deeper journey, with middle eastern atmospherics paired with a trance inducing beat. As the track breaks down with mood lightening bells and the second drop comes in, enter the bass guitar riffs to ride out the rest of the tune. This is one that feels a lot longer than a 3-minute tune.

The EP draws to a close with ‘Some Drum’, a proper head nodder. 808’s and shakers working in harmony and with progression to pushing us into classic electro sounds and dark vocal samples. A tune that has so much to offer in its arrangement whilst still maintaining clean and effective simplicity.

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