Detail Ft. Tiiu – ‘Delusion / Breakout’

Right, if you don’t know about the label Addictive Behaviour, tut tut tut where you been?! You’ve been sleeping on this one, trust me! This is Addictive Behaviours eleventh release now and the label is pulling out all the stops when it comes to the labels quality of music policy. For this release they have got none other than Detail on the buttons along with the help from the super talented female vocalist Tiiu for good measure to lay down some serious vibes for the dnb masses.

So about the A side “Delusion” Featuring Tiiu

A nice minimal intro that starts with a thunderous baseline lick and the echoed, filtered voice of tiiu that lingers then just floats and tails off into nothingness, you don’t even know it but you’ve been snared in Details musically webbed trap now. You are now ready for the simple but very addictive no pun intended, rhythmic marching hi hats and a hard hitting kicks and lovely warm pads that just take this track to the next level. With such a masterful build up i still wasn’t sure what way the track was going to go, but once it drops you know exactly where Detail is going.

He’s going in deep! The baseline is absolutely amazing on this track so deep, rich and rolling and evolving for the whole track it never stays still which make it so listenable. This in turn is complemented by the pads that are getting more intricate and are just vibing off the baseline and adding even more depth to an amazing track and this is all in the first couple 32 bars!

Then once the vocals of Tiiu come in properly i was blown away by how well it all comes together and this track takes you away into another hemisphere, her light voice with the combined light airy pads and deep rolling bass is pure quality. Just as the build up is so amazing now its the turn of the breakdown where Detail takes it back to a bare minimum once again, but he masterfully still it holds lots of depth and feeling taking you right down and bubbling, then its back for more on the second break. What can i say apart from this track, in my eyes, is an absolute must for anyone who is into the liquid deep vibes.

About the B side “Breakout”

With echoed, filtered almost hypnotising pad work straight from the beginning and a elongated echoed stab that twists and shifts almost effortlessly into the minimal kicks and hi hats just like “Delusion” the build up really is a joy to behold.

I’m hooked instantly. With the pads becoming more striking and prominent coming to the front of the track this build up just rolls along, this time taking you down a much deeper route, what with Tiiu’s vocals coming in now sounding much more orgasmic and sexual i cant wait for the drop!

As Tiiu sounds like she’s about cum, so do my ears when the bass drops, this is deep! This is Detail at his best, the bass alone takes you on such a serious journey, it just seems to get deeper and deeper as it is always changing just like the A side. But that with the skilfully woven pads this is a much more deeper affair that just wants to be turned up loud! If you only do one thing today make sure you listen to this EP! I promise you, you wont regret it.

Another massive EP from Addictive Behaviour, and from what i hear there is much more coming from this camp real soon in the form of a LP. Keep your ears to the ground people 😉

Buy vinyl & MP3’s directly from the Addictive Behaviour store

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