A closer look at Binary Vol.05 – Posij

After a brief hiatus Binary is back and fully living up to it’s “expect the unexpected” expectations!  After the first release dropped almost a year ago (to this very day!) Binary have consistently showcased a broad range of artists from across the drum and bass spectrum.  From Hyroglifics to Billain, from Klax to Current Value, the team at Binary have never failed to keep us on our toes and the latest release from Posij is no exception.

This may well be the first you’ve heard of Posij but I can guarantee it won’t be the last.  After his ‘Laser Cat EP’ was picked up by Noisia for their sister label, Division this time last year Posij has been making quite a name for himself with his diverse, futuristic and off the wall style.  After serving up such a broad range of styles from trip hop to up front and even half time drum and bass I couldn’t wait to see what he had in store.

True to form the latest EP presents us with a whole host of musical styles.  The first track entitled ‘Techplant’ is, for me, ever so slightly reminiscent of Time Tripping by Hazard, in fact, I would say it encompasses the very best parts of both Time Tripping by Hazard and Time warp by Sub Focus, the end result is a super clean, fun and bouncing track that’s as catchy in hell!  If i’m ever lucky enough to hear it in a club I can guarantee it’ll have me shaking what my mumma gave me!

The second track ‘Spin’ is more of an up front, aggressive stomper with a heavy reese bass throughout.  Definitely one for the fans of Audio and Optiv & BTK!

The third track and without a doubt my favourite of the EP is track entitled ‘Change’.  This ‘in your face’ all out naaaasty track has every element I love about drum and bas as a genre; grimy stabs, Noisia-esq bass, a sense of diversity and not to mention those all important shakers!  This one will definitely be on rotation for me for a long time, big ups Posij!

The fourth and last track ‘Rover’ takes things down a notch with a down tempo, half time beat, reminiscent of Binary’s first release by Hyroglifics this time year.  Definitely one for those feeling Hyro and Sam Binga’s more experimental side of drum and bass.

What can I say, Binary have once again knocked it out of the park!  Big ups to Posij and the team at Binary, here’s to many more! x

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