CIA Presents – Select Files 3

With Christmas and Holiday time approaching, and CIA bossmen Spinback & Quiff as per usual, but especially now, overflowing with joy and goodwill to all men, women and sentient beings, it seemed a pertinent time for the next release in their ‘Select Files’ series, this time seeing Volume 3 peeking its head above the parapet.

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As with the previous outings in this series, the compilation is made up of choice cuts from the CIA and Deepkut catalogue, but Volume 3 also sees the addition of a brand new exclusive cut from the Total Science men themselves.

It stands proudly next to killer classic cuts from a whole range of drum and bass household names such as Calibre, Lenzman, Break, Marcus Intalex, Bad Company, Digital, Spirit, Zero T & Alix Perez, Random Movement, Nymfo, Q Project, S.P.Y and Total Science themselves, to name them all.

That’s quite a collection of some pretty bloody good tracks really, so do yourself and your local elf sorting office a favour and go put it in someone’s stockings or your own hold-ups, whatever takes your fancy!

And just remember, that’s what she said!

Words: CIA