Breakage – Liff Up EP (INDEX)

Delivering the 4th EP on his own label, Index, Breakage supplies 3 aggressively controlled tracks with his signature sound on the Liff Up EP.

The title track ‘Liff Up’, shows off pure genius production, with a perfected emphasis on “less is more” providing stomping kicks which sit underneath grit fizzier than a can of coke fresh out the fridge at 5am. In the last 16 bars, we get shown how clean he can strip it back without forfeiting any impact.’

‘Yeah’ kicks off the release with typical Breakage and his clean, rolling amens floating through the airways of the jungle. Thumping 808 subs and a slither of uplifting dub vocals allow a delicate balance between euphoria and aggression.

‘Wicked’ rounds off the release by lying in the middle of the jungle and drum and bass spectrum of its predecessors. Breakage’s instantly recognisable palette of sounds with slippery drums, menacingly roaring subs and almost tribalistic chanting all show off his undeniable ability to craft tracks that sound fresh, yet familiar.

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