Bare Necessities Vol.1 – VA (My Top 3)

The North of England is a hotspot for Drum & Bass. If you ask any head what their top 5 favourite cities for a cracking dnb night out, Leeds would be up there. This passion for Drum & Bass is shared by those heads, fans and labels alike. Indeed, it is the view of many small labels that innovation, the showcasing of talent and putting on a belter of a party should not be left to the big boy labels.

Enter Bare Necessities Records. This fledgling label prides itself on “creating an experience like no other”, and its debut VA compilation album certainly delivers this promise. Spanning 9 tracks from 9 underrated producers, this LP does indeed showcase some absolute gems.
Here are my favourite three tracks.

3. RumRolla – Whistle

What a track! The forth track of the LP, but third in my list, Whistle also has no holds barred. A track with significant punch, this track is fit for any dance-floor and provides a perfect pick up for the shufflers out there.
A relentless building track with no let down, RumRolla has created a masterpiece in fusing deep minimal styles with the fashionable foghorn. The lack of breadth in bass design here is prominent, but this provides a statement that seals Whistle for a victory on the dancefloor. Expect crisp clean highs and a relentless sub, all glued together with the most distorted mid ever created. Bass face at the ready….

2. Missledz – Surveillance

Surveillance throws together shade, light, atmosphrics and dare I say it; some dirty, angry bass. This track from the Bristol-based Ozzie is a pearl of deep tunage that is hard to find, no matter how hard you look.
Eerie drones cut with smatterings of percussion provide the perfect gripping cliffhanger before giving way to an angery sub-driven drop. Be prepared for twists and turns along the way; Surveillance surprises the listener with distorted licks and manipulated, dark synths.

1. Treba – Techno Dub

I find this track to be rather clever. Compositionally, Techno Dub revolves around a pedal hook, enabling the drop to both build and takes away from this statement, creating a plethora of avenues in which Techno Dub is explored. The intro and breakdown are very static, providing little teasing snippets of what the drop has to offer; a plethora of statements and movements.
My geekiness aside, Treba has created something great here. A juxtaposing flat yet punchy kick is interspersed with a crisp snare and splattered hats, rides and bongos, sitting on top of one of the cleanest subs I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
10/10 would recommend.

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