Back of the Stack #25 – Rizzle

#Back Of The Stack’, catching up with artists in the scene every couple of weeks reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past…

A new name to some and carving out a reputation for himself as a sick producer, we have the artist known as Rizzle.
With a recent release on the massive Dispatch, this guy is going places. Currently also on the books at Symmetry and more music in the pipeline, Rizzle is a name you will be hearing out and about for the foreseeable future. We are glad to have him onboard for the latest #backofthestack, and he has kindly given us five quick fire facts about his background.


Always find it hard to pick a top 3 so i’ve gone for some tunes that have either had a really big influence on me or just tunes that i love everything about them.

Marcus Intalex – How you make me feel

I can’t really say much more about this one that’s already been said by countless other people before me! This track pretty much sums up everything I love about drum and bass; I love the way the drums roll, the pads, the arrangement, the samples, the vibe, the bass line. He’s one of the best to ever do it and I could have probably picked a hundred of his tunes to include in this stack. There’s definitely a hell of a lot more that have had a massive influence on me too but this is the one I’m always drawing for in my sets.

Bad Company – 4 days

My favourite tune from Bad Company without a shadow of a doubt, there’s loads of others I love too but there’s something about this one. I love the riff, the groove is insane, pads, stabs, atmos and fx are all on point and to top it off it’s one of the most fun tunes to mix…..Ever!

Sinthetix – Ultraviolet

I’ve got a massive soft spot for a bit of classic neuro and this tune is definitely one of the best for me. The drums are absolutely wicked, the reese is just ridiculous, the stabs are out of this world good, the intro is perfect and that drop… The tune is an absolute weapon. It comes out in nearly every set I play out and I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing this it either, along with the other two I’ve mentioned!

5 Rizzle facts:

1. I used to scream in 2 metal bands before i started producing, I always used to think i had a calling musical but didn’t play any instruments so I thought that was how i was going to do it. Then one day I went round a mates and they were mixing drum and bass records, and that was it really!

2. I work full time as a graphic designer for a local estate agent which is not bad.

3. I probably eat far too many takeaways than I should do.

4. I used to be No. 1 in my county at squash when I was much younger, haven’t played in years now though.

5. I used to work on the fish/meat counters in waitrose, so if you need a nice steak or a fish fillteted, I’m your man!

Rizzle’s latest release on Dispatch called ‘State of Evolution’ is available here