Back of the Stack #24 – Kyo

#Back Of The Stack’, catching up with artists in the scene every couple of weeks reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past…

For this latest episode we have longtime Symmetry Recordings collaborator and vocalist Kyo. A voice synonymous with many a Break tune, Kyo has been involved with Symmetry since it’s inception. Surprisingly to everyone shes only just had her debut E.P come out called “Who Decides?”, collaborating with some of the biggest producers in the scene, like Break, Mikal, One Mind and Total Science.
So let’s get to it and see what selection Kyo has picked for us…Enjoy!

It is a nigh on impossible task to pick 3 tracks because I love music and there are too many tunes in my favourite list.

So I’ve gone for 3 tracks that always make me dance!

My stack is as follows:

1. Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune

I love this, it is one of my top 10 Jungle / DNB tunes. It sounds as good today as it did when I first heard it. Really good mix down and production. Great drums, fat bass, rude pitched bongos.

2. CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand’s Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix)

This tune is one of my favourite Garage tracks of all time. It is so rude! The drums have chunk, weight and the groove is everything. I can’t help dancing to this bass line, it is infectious. I have loved this tune for years. How could one not like this……. you’d have to be dry to not like this!

3. Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (full length Vinyl Version)

Big Tune. I used to listen to this as my ‘comedy 90’s’ uplifting tune, but it is sick and has grown on me! I put this on and dance around the living room singing at the top of my lungs “WATCH MY FLOW!!!!!!!!!”

You can check out her debut release ‘Who Decides EP’ here