#Back Of The Stack 026 – Ilk

#Back Of The Stack’, catching up with artists in the scene every couple of weeks reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past.

This month we caught up with the hugely talented ilk, a Brighton based artist who’s been causing a stir as of late with his new offerings on Warm Communications, Repertoire and his recent new 12″ on Narratives Music. The future is looking bright for this forward-thinking producer. Check out ilk’s influences when we asked him to select 3 tracks to reflect on…

Ability II – Pressure Dub (1990)

A beautifully deep track with a killer bass line. Dubby techno vibes for the early hours.

Phantom Audio – Remote Control (2000)

An absolute steamer from Digital & Spirit. One of countless masterclasses on energy and vibe. I still play this out pretty much every set, thanks for the music Spirit.

Altern8 – Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix)(1993)

I love the way the breaks layer up at the begining bringing proper energy into the beats. This one was a bit of an anthem at Originate nights in Brighton. Big ups to Si 2 Bad Mice for the support and years of quality music.