‘#Back of the stack’, catching up with artists in the scene every 2 weeks reminiscing on some of their favourite tracks from back in the day. No real rules, just sharing some musical knowledge and reflecting on the past….

Kicking off with our first ‘back of the stack’ for 2017, we caught up with FD, the man behind some of our favourite tracks on Soul:r, SUNANDBASS, Metalheadz, Spearhead,  Dispatch, CIA, Warm Communications,  Subtitles & Critical Music. Here’s what FD said when we asked him to select his top 3…

Photek – The Lightning (Digital Remix)

Not really sure how i’d forgotten about this one. I was sorting out a set for my gig at Soul:ution at The Pickle Factory in London, and knew i could really go in there and so was having a dig through old stuff. I’d totally forgotten about this tune but it’s just too sick. Incredible drums that you get on those Digital/Photek collabs, standard heavywieght sub bass – but then with those drum fills and that extra bass every 16 bars or so on the turnaround – game over, it’s in the box.

DJ Die & DJ Suv – Get On Down

My collection of V Records 12″s has always been special to me – V was such an important label to me with all the killer tunes – and then with all the different coloured sleeves too, i really felt like i had a cool collection of something. Somehow i never had ‘Get On Down’ though – it never surfaced in the record shop, I’m still not sure i’ve seen one to this day. But i remember this tune from old tapes i’d recorded from the radio. My girlfriend found this most incredible old Grooverider and GQ set from ’96(ish) the other day and this tune was on it – I had to find it – classic killer rolling DJ Die, I love dropping these kind of tunes.

Lemon D – Break It Up

This is another one i never used to own or know the name of – but they’re almost so much the better when you finally find them. I found the old Reinforced ‘Enforcers’ compilation in a second hand shop in Berlin for €4 a few years back, figured i couldn’t go wrong – and with this on there, it was worth far more. I just love the drums on it and the sub is enough to take the roof off. I also love the arrangement, the way it rolls out from the beginning but then has basically the main part of the tune in the middle – the switch and the saturated sub on it’s own – straight murder!