Atom- Black Cherry EP (Influence Records)

First appearing on his Soundcloud page almost 7 years ago, the title track of this EP from the master of synths Atom has been floating around the internet drawing heaps of attention.
Influence records have picked it up and paired it with four other wonder provoking tracks covering a wide span of electronica to complete Atom’s vision of pure synthesis.

So to ‘Black Cherry’: just the name conjures up images of a luscious gateau or succulent pudding of some sort. With this prominent in the mind, the sonic equivalent reaches the earholes in mirrored succulent magnificence. Repetitive hats and claps give a constant solid line throughout the track for hypnotic pads to seesaw over the top. Submerged pads meddled with a gorgeous distorted guitar provide clarity and scope to this panoramic sonic picture. This downtempo, hip hop influenced number is a stunning start to the EP’s spellbinding grasp on the listener.

‘Cosmic jazz’, the second track of this divine EP, provides quite the difference. While maintaining his stronghold of repetitive synth leads and dreamy pads, ‘Cosmic Jazz’ provides a different vibe; rolling breakbeats and subtle glossy breakdowns. Atom has turned his hand to drum and bass for this track, and by god has he succeeded. Carefully constructed hooks with rolling breaks create instrumental drum and bass worthy of a sing-along.

It is always refreshing when an artist so ingrained in a synthesised musical world incorporates organic elements into their composition. ‘Red Snapper’ achieves this and it incorporates not just a natural element, but brings the pleasing collision of organic vs man made. While an FM synth becomes the robust bass line, the constant shaker and sampled break hit home this wonderful fusion. Interestingly, found sound recordings of tannoy announcements heighten the relationship between man and machine.
Despite its repetition, this third track of Atom’s new EP holds much interest and is not just a glorious track, but a wonderful composition.

Oh how I love stab synth chords. For many tracks out there, mostly in the world of EDM, they are a characteristic of one genre and this one genre has no love from the underground or even members of musical communities not high on drugs.
So while synth chords dominate big room and progressive house, this is not the case for ‘Parachute’. To be assembled into a hip hop track while maintaining musical integrity with distinction takes skill, knowledge and a lot of confidence… especially when these chords are your chosen repetitive element. With the heaviest of kicks to set the pace and filtered leads to bring more interest, ‘Parachute’ is laid back musical sincerity.

What happens when you combine delicate arpeggiated plucks with a bad ass downtempo beat with a thick snare that feels like it needs to be tamed? You add dulcet sine pedal chords to provide yet more tension and release to create a hip hop track worthy of blowing any speaker. ‘Submarine’ does just this and more. Many would not dare add too many elements to a track like this, yet Atom sees the space in this track and throws them in to bursting point. A highlight is the sampled trumpet which provides an extra shine.

Influence Records have found a gem in Atom and Black Cherry with many public online announcements of approval and desire for this EP.
If you are fond of all things drum and bass while at the same time able to give way to the calmer side of synth downtempo, do not hesitate to grab this EP with both hands.

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