Amoss – Speed Shades EP

Having been around for almost a decade, Amoss has certainly done something right to take his place in the longevity of Drum & Bass. 
With his debut release ‘Crtn’, a track on Broken Audio Recordings ‘Raise The Bar’ compilation album, Amoss started off his DnB mission with a bang. Not long after, and thus proving heaps of quality, ‘Flex’ was picked up by the legendary Renegade Hardware and appeared on their ‘Inception’ compilation EP.

Since this humble yet powerful beginning, Amoss has since had an astonishing 7 EPs and 1 album on Dispatch Recordings and has appeared on 8 releases on Flexout Audio, his first being ‘FLXA047’ back in 2015.
But now Amoss is back, flying high with his debut solo release ’Speed Shades EP’. Let’s explore…

Speed Shades

Dark dwelling atmospherics is the name of the game in this one. The pitter patter of delicate hats is soon tossed away by a pounding guttural bass in the intro. That’s right, we haven’t even got to the drop yet.
This guttural whomps and gorgeous bass goodness really proves Amoss is right where he belongs. 
Simple ideas often make the best tunes. This is certainly true of ‘Speed Shades’, as that lead bass hook of only two notes makes the tune dance; such a simple idea that not only pulls the powerful scattering drum breaks in but packs a heavy punch in the stereo field, immersing the listener.

2 Clicks

After barely one listen, it is clear why this track is called ‘2 clicks’; gorgeous finger clicks replace the snare in the break on this one, and boy does it work!
These rolling drums continue throughout the track and help fuse all the important elements of this roller. 
One surprising thing to note; this is not a chilled liquid track, despite what the false drop will have you believe!
The wall of sub underneath this laid-back break and whispering atmospherics soon gives way to the mighty power of distorted crunchy bass that only Amoss can provide for our listening pleasure.
Expect a rolling, gnarly exploration of bass with a juxtaposing chilled vibe. It just works.


The soft pitter patter of hats and claps over glossy evolving layered synths provide the perfect canvas to what really is a dirty stomper, ideal for the dance floor in your main room at 2am. 
With a solid deep tech vibe, an all consuming static sub compliments the drums that smack you across the face, while maintaining the listeners’ interest in the many binaural growls and synthesis wonder this track has to offer.
This one will go off in main rooms everywhere. One to watch!


While having a Dawn Wall reminiscent track name, ‘Sundance’ offers nothing in the way of liquid gold. And thank goodness. 
Luscious pads underpin all the goings on here, but don’t get used to their chilled temperament; ’Sundance’ is awash with almost Neuro attitude which is sure to pull the dirtiest of bass faces, a rarity Amoss holds in his artillery.
A snappy snare and the scattering of hats, along with snippets of female gasps, nicely compliments the growling madness provides by the bass. All this helps hammer home the message that ‘Sundance’ is not to be dismissed as a spare track to complete an EP. Indeed, Amoss saved the best ‘till last.

‘Speed Shades’ is out now!


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