Your Venom Has Been Dispatched

If a venomous creature bites, remember four things:

.Don’t panic.
.Seek anti-venom.
.Keep the victim calm.
.Restrict movement. 

If you’ve been bitten by Kyrist’s Venomous EP then do the opposite of all above points:
(I’m fairly sure the opposite of anti-venom is a saline drip of rum).

‘Venemous’ marks a series of firsts: First solo EP release from Kyrist, First release of the year from ‘Dispatch recordings’ along with their first ever solo EP release from a female producer. I hope this is a theme which can continue, not only for future success with Kyrist but for females within Drum and Bass as a genre; I’ll be aiming to highlight the serious talent the ladies in the industry have to offer over the next few months.

Track 1 ‘Venomous’ packs an absolute punch; It deserves the title of the album because it is everything I expect from Kyrist, minimal but with maximum impact, not an easy feat to achieve. Tracks like this take me back to ‘Technology’ Nights at ‘Hidden’, where I fell in love with Drum and Bass, and if a track reminds you of falling in love you’re on to an absolute winner; (unless that love has now dumped you and taken the dog?)

Next up we have ‘Find a meaning’ featuring ‘Steo’; Irish born ‘Steo’ is no stranger to Drum and Bass and has worked with a whole catalogue of artists; including a fantastic recent release with Lenzman titled ‘Golden age’. This collaboration is solid, with Steo providing a delicate balance with his vocal, this really is a track that allows you to appreciate the true diversity of drum and bass, you can feel it, get lost in it and then back to reality in 5 minutes.

‘Tectonicz’ will bring you back to life with a slap round the face; an angry bassline bursting full of emotion, with a disjointed beat that keeps you intrigued; ‘Tectonics’ are large scale structures effecting the structure of earth’s crust, rumors say if you play this tune loud enough it measures a 6 on the Richter scale.

The LP is complete with ‘No remorse’ which has an Intensifying, teasing build-up resulting in a half step multi-dimensional delight; bass face at the ready! The EP is wonderfully rounded with contrasts and shifts that can’t help but excite. If you’ve met Kyrist you will know she is unassuming and humble; but the music she produces is intrusive and confident; she’s a creative contradiction, and ‘Dispatch’ is lucky to have her.

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So there you go, 4 tracks that deliver everything you could possibly need to get through the rest of dry January; Not only does Kyrist bring her filthy minimal bass packed tracks to the table, but she proves she is not scared to stray away from her signature sound; with an EP peppered with tender and atmospheric touches. She’s got talent, more balls than some of the male producers out there, and I absolutely recommend you use that AK47 fiver you saved to buy a copy; because it won’t be worth more than this.

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