Vision Vivid

Vivid Sounds is a UK based label, started in July 2015. Label owner Detour explains her ethos behind the label

“My style is dark, hard, edgy, mysterious, rolling, whatever I like really.. but one, some or all of those elements are present in the tracks I want to put out. I’m not worried about perfection, I actually like the idea of imperfect flawed sounds, feels more honest.“

They opened their account with a release from Threshold called the Sticky Planets EP. The artist releasing with Reinforced and Rupture impresses with his old skool stylings and classic takes.  Dregs stands out as a lush roller with amen vibes in the opening track and an experimental conclusion with final track Dreadz and Druids. 

The label also released a 4 track EP from Dungeon Master called the Darkness EP. An artist I’ve been noticing more and more recently with a yet again classic sound and a naturally dark edge as his name would suggest,

This is a great EP, it’s not only got classic style but some very well produced elements which take from the newer neuro sounds. It’s almost got a Metalheadz kind of vibe and makes me think this is what Dillinger would sound like if he got stuck in a cave with a big sheet of acid and a laptop; cool stuff. Unknown is the stand out track for me on this one. (Check the full EP below)

 Most recently they released a various artists 4 track EP with Basic Forces, label owner Detour, Dungeon Master and Taelimb.  This ep begins with a sunshine laden foray into liquid with the talented Basic Forces and then proceeds to the darker sounds of Detour; experimental, dark and techy vibes on this listener. Heavy time arrives in the shape of Dungeon Master. Once again impressive ideas and demonic lustings are present in Half Grid. Still experimental in essence, Taelimb completes the EP with probably the most danceable tune on this 4 tracker.

 Basic Forces is lined up for the next release. A producer who is continually rising up the ranks of respect with his productions reaching as far as Soul deep and the illustrious Formation Records. I’ve been fortunate to listen to both tunes in full and not only do they sound great but they have lots of energy and feel.  Heavier than anything I’ve heard from him before the opening track Get Lucky is a bit of a stomper and gets the pulse racing. Reach it is a more familiar Basic Forces sound with it’s roller elements and catchy vibe and building intensity.  

Words by: KS

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