Tubepicks: Trex

Trex’s new album on Randall and Cool Hand Flex’s Mac II Recordings landed in August and it’s a huge one. Featuring some gnarly rollers and a host of snazzy vocalists including Doc Brown of Office fame, Manchester’s Fox and appearances from Nina Provencal, Paul T, Ella Jones and Nina Provencal.

I thought would only be fitting to catch up with Trex and find out his 5 top YouTube videos of the moment. Check them out below and read his thoughts about each one.


Weather Man Voiceover 

This voice over is brilliant. If only all weather reports were like this. The part of North West London that I was born in had a big Irish Community and the voice over reminds me of a lot of my old mate’s dads.



Through the Grapevine -Marvin Gaye acapella


This is just incredible. Stumbled on the clip a while back. Goose bumps…. Very few artists could or can get anywhere near him.



Roni Size Reprazent Live…


This one reminds me of a lot of nights out and festivals. A big influence on me when It comes to energy in music. Probably the most successful ever translation of dnb to a full live show. I first caught the live show at Glastonbury way back in the day and it was a seminal moment in my youth.


World at War

Ok, this one is a bit deeper.¬† This whole series is a must watch in my opinion. I think every student should at some point study this. It wasn’t that long ago! I have Romany gypsy heritage on my mother’s side and the Roma people, just like the Jews and other minorities were rounded up and murdered by Hitler and his cronies.. The rise of the far right recently in Europe and America makes me uneasy and education about the past is a good way to counter it.


Dave Chappelle – Ja Rule 9/11 speech

Loads of stand up clips that I love. This one just cuts through… Chappelle is very funny.

Comedy, laughing and catching jokes are a vital part of life. The best live comedy show I ever saw live was David Cross in the West End.

Another very funny American.