Tubepicks: Translation Recordings

Washington based, Translation Recordings, has been carving a groove of militantly deep and progressive drum and bass for over 10 years. I roped some of their artists in, who all feature on the latest release, Bassment Beats Vol.3, to give me some of their YouTube picks. Check them out.

You can also listen to the new EP here and watch the playlist and read their comments below.

An interview from FSOL on equinox from mid 90’s – to this day my biggest musical influence and lucky to showcase with them on under one of my pseudonyms on terminal radio alongside other artists like Youth and Mixmaster Morris. FSOL explore for me what music can be, and push me to develop new ideas and be creative instead of carving out one sound or genre.

I’m going to choose Baraka, one of the best pieces of audio/visual collage ever made. The sound is crucial to the narrative; very visual and emotive… still inspired after many years.

Mark Kloud:
This is one that comes to mind – more about London pirate radio. Not necessary about dnb/jungle, but an informative look into that history and culture. Inspiring to me because of the passion and dedication they had for the music.

Broken Promise:
I stumbled across this video a few years ago, it’s the first of a multi-part workshop. I don’t even know this guy’s music, but I feel I have a similar approach to writing music and I agree with most of what he says. I think there’s a lot to take away from for musicians (and other creatives), especially those who struggle with finishing tunes. It’s also funny.

Alchemist is by far and away one of the greatest beatmakers to ever lay it down and an absolute madman. His approach and mindset regarding music has been a huge source of inspiration for my own creative process, as I’m not a very technical producer. His commentary on source material, toolset, and knowing when a tune is “cooked” in this interview really speaks to me.