Tubepicks – Plasma Audio

Melbourne’s Plasma Audio presents the introduction to a brand new various artists series called Spectrum this week. The series will Explore the labels diversity and the mix between half time and drum and bass.

Featuring Sydney natives Ewol and Benji, some roller business from Perth’s Temple and M Justa and Oat & KCA representing Europe. This is a big EP of fresh tracks handpicked to match the Plasma Audio flavour. I asked the label to put together a special Tubepicks from all of the guys on the release. Check the EP and the tubepicks out below.



“the ladies love this one when chilling… enough said

M.Justa – 

Alina Pash – Bitanga

“When i saw this video i was very surprised the way electronic music mixed with Ukrainian ethnic motives. Sound of native instruments interlace with modern groovy beats and just force you to dance. Video sequence has been made without any styled ultra fashion scenes, being just authentic. Every frame contains life as it is – gorgeous landscapes of mountain valleys, where locals graze sheep and light up bonfires. That wild style in clothes – its’ not fake – it’s real, as a result of freedom from urban rules and boundaries away from big cities and that’s what name of the track tells us about, which can be translated from Ukrainian Transcarpathia dialect as ‘ruff’ or ‘bully’. It’s sincere, it’s brave – to shape the music that sounds through generations in a new frame – i like it a lot.”


Shanghai Tower (650 Metres)

“makes me shiver!”


Big Bad Wolf

“classic one for those who dont know whats up 😀


Animals – Off The Air 

watch this on ketamine hahah