Tubepicks – Neurotoxin

Portugal’s own Neurotoxin just dropped a new single on Skalator Music before the much celebrated birthday of that religion guy. Check out the new single and the top 5 YouTube picks from the lads. Either watch the playlist or click the individual links.


Technical Itch – Era 
The end result might not be a piece of music you can genuinely enjoy, but it’s really fun to see a bunch of people working together on a project which is a bit unusual, and somewhat crazy, to be fair. So kudos to whoever had the idea and everyone that got on board to make this happen.

DJ Boring – I Know You Want To (Baltra Remix) 
I’ve been enjoying lo-fi house since some friends got me into it last Summer, and this is a perfect example of a video that we can often find accompanying this type of track – an old homemade VHS recording of people in the 80s or 90s – and it fits the music perfectly. I think some of these producers are doing a fantastic job of bringing back that 90s rave/house/jungle vibe.

Go Pro Snow
I’ve never skiied, but sometimes I like watching GoPro videos like these. I can only imagine the adrenaline kick it must be. This guy builds his own maze in the woods and then races through it. Madman!

Boiler Room “Crowdfunded” 
Crowdsourced is a series where a guest producer builds some beats using samples sent in by the viewers. It’s really inspiring to see fresh ideas coming to life, and how sounds can be used in so many different ways.

Roland Juno 106 
If you are into synths, you might have come across demo videos like these. WC Olo Garb, Polish synthesiser legend, takes us through his collection with some awesome retro-styled videos where he plays some riffs on oldschool machines. We could watch these for days!