Tribes Vol.2 EP (TRUST005)

Trust Audio formed just over a year ago and their output in that year has defined their unique sound.  Together, Trex (Joe Kehoe) & Quest (Tommy Duffy) started the label as a platform for their own music, as well as to bring together fellow artists that fit the Trust Audio sound. Now on to their fifth release for the label, the pair have provided us with the second instalment of the Tribes series. And it’s seriously good.

Following up Vol.1 of the Tribes series was always going to be tricky considering the quality the first EP. It gained support from DJ’s spanning the spectrum of the genre and was what really first brought the Trust Audio name to peoples attention.

Leading the release is head honcho Trex’s Turncoat’. Exactly as the name suggests, you may well be switching genre allegiances after listening to this tune. Hooked from the off with Trex’s trademark drums, they roll through the intro suddenly cutting out leaving just that venomous bass – you know it’s going to be a banger before it even drops. Masterfully produced, ‘Turncoat’ packs a real hard punch with the funky bass stabs and filtered percussion. Check it out for yourself below. This one rolling.

Next up, Evasion gives us ‘Tunnel Bass’. As soon as I saw the name of this track I had a feeling it would be sick. And no mistakes were made on that premonition. Eerie soundscapes entwine with the drum beat before the lead bass growls into action in the build up to the drop. Stripped back to the bare bones of just drums and bass, the extremely effective beat coupled with that furiously distorted bass is just pure carnage. Images surface in my head of a dark, grotty rail arch packed with sweat-laden ravers having it out in front of a massive rig playing this tune. We are definitely going to be keeping tabs on this talented Welsh newcomer. Watch out for the second drop…

Dubbed the ‘Italian Connection’, Andrea Bocelli aka Criteria is a relatively new name in the production scene with his first releases coming out earlier this year. However he is no newcomer to drum & bass. He finishes off an already quality EP, switching the mood from aggy, shoe-throwing rollers to uplifting liquid bliss with ‘Night Dash’. The vocal loop catches you straight away gradually building into this harmonious beat which works perfectly in tandem with those soulful vocals. Solid vibes from start to finish, Criteria is another name to be watching out for.

The Trust Audio boys have gone in once again, giving us 3 great tracks that back up the quality of the series. You’ll be able to cop this release exclusively from Juno on 03.11.2017 & full release on 10.11.17, don’t hang about on this one.