Taelimb – Snap Back EP (Demand Records)

Taelimb doesn’t shy away from flexing his technical abilities in an air-tightly produced EP that pays homage to the idea of less being more. Clean percussion and contrasting textures of bass and atmospherics working away in a collection  of tracks that showcase the versatility of the 170 framework.

The EP starts off with a stripped back, fizzy stepper with enticing progression through a sparing use of sounds that makes the most of space. The groove builds along with gnarly and tense textures, as the breakdown makes you complacent before the grit kicks in and rolls out with more pace.

Flo is a moody, minimal and manic number all of once that doesn’t compromise on the quality of production, making you feel like a rag doll being thrown around room made of trampolines. Momentum builds using only the tightest and most delicate drum work with occasional licks of soulful vocals and a deceiving second drop that sucks you in before spitting you out.

Turn the lights down low for Gang, an industrial roller with aggressive stabs and sweet hand drums that balance out the harsh. This hard hitting, dance floor ready riddim isn’t shy or dull, as its aggression clenches your fists and the atmosphere gets more and more tense.

Atmospheric strings, pads and a strong sub build up The Crown, along with a stomping beat and a choir of altar boys. Sharp cymbals and hats with teasing breaks and tribal hand drums fading away into the unreachable distance, pushed by pulsating reeses that draw the curtains on this EP with a haunting use of space.

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