Sweetpea Interview – Soul In Motion

If like me you make your living working the 9-5 then you might agree that sometimes by the time Wednesday comes around your already ready to let loose after work with a few drink and some drums. Well now London has the perfect mid-week drum and bass event for you.

On 7th May 2014 ‘Soul In Motion’ a new monthly mid-week drum and bass night formed by Bailey & Need For Mirrors returns to the elusive ‘Basement’ situated underneath a very classy Hotel in Central London. Word has it this month’s install is set to be very special indeed. To find out why we talked to DJ Sweetpea who is opening the night at 8PM with a very special Flexout Audio showcase.

We caught up with the lady herself 🙂

So Sweetpea firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with Need For Mirrors & Bailey at ‘Soul In Motion’ ?

Hey In Reach! I’m Sweetpea and I live in South London. I’ve been djing since I was 12. I first started off (like most people) rolling it out with Numark tt1500’s and some garage vinyl. It was that first moment you hear the drums walking into your first rave when I knew I was hooked and I started collecting drum and bass vinyl properly about the age of 18. I’ve been a part of the Flexout Audio crew for about a year now, I have a remix of a Flexout classic, Taelimb’s ‘Wookie Song’ which is a free download….

That remix pretty much sums up my sound I have a few more remixes on the go which I am really excited about. I’ve been working on some original material for the label working towards my first EP. I play a weekly Friday show on Rudefm.com and have a residency with Flexout Audio at Plan B and Noise London both situated in Brixton where I live. When Tom Retraflex approached me to be a part of this night and rep the crew I couldn’t say no! I’ve been to Soul in Motion before and always enjoyed the unique vibe there. So 8-9pm I will be reppin’ Flexout, playing some forthcoming bits mixed in with some Sweetpea vibes!

What is it that makes this night different and why is this next event in particular very special?

The venue is beautiful, its a really nice basement of a classy hotel  with wicked lighting and a booming sytem. There’s always a good variety of DJ’s and a laidback, friendly atmosphere.  It is good to see London hosting more midweek music events, apart from being perfect for students it is important to have the option to go listen to drums on a Wednesday night its great to see Need For Mirrors and Bailey giving something back to the scene and making this free entry. Total Science are making a guest appearance as well as a special secret guest act that I’m really excited about and last but definitely not least its Bailey’s birthday!

So you have done a mix to promote the night as well, how do you go about planning a mix and do you cover a range of styles or have one particular sound you love?

I guess I think like everyone who is into the scene, I enjoy all sides of Drum and Bass. I love the deep vibes especially, anything soulful with killer vocals, and usually a piano does it for me. Then on the flipside I enjoy dark minimal rolling basslines with energetic hats and cheeky beeps. I usually take a day when planning a mix. I like to make sure the tunes fit well and roll off each other nicely. I enjoyed this mix especially because I got to show off my lighter more soulful side to coincide with the Soul in Motion vibe.

If you wanna hear more from the Sweetpea, make sure you lock in to her regular Friday night show on Rudefm.com 6 – 8! Or stay looped on here Facebook here!