Sun and Bass 2017

You couldn’t really ask for more from a holiday: sun, sea and drum and bass. Every year the town of San Teodoro transforms into a DnB haven: 7 full on days and nights of consistently epic 170. And I mean it when I say the whole town transforms – every little bar and even the restaurants have the drums going. It’s pretty surreal.

Musically, Sun and Bass caters for every taste within the genre. Whether you’re into rolling liquid, relentless amens or techy steppers, this festival has got you covered. The line-up is self-explanatory with the festival hosting many of DnB’s finest, but it’s equally as exciting to see DJs you haven’t come across before; my favourite set was by Jumpat, whose wicked selection hit me as I floated into the Ambra Night Garden.

Music aside, the town itself is an awesome holiday location – white sandy beaches, Italian food and friendly locals all contributed to making this trip one to remember. And as with most things in life, it’s truly the people that make a place special. Being among thousands of like-minded bassheads makes it easy to form new friendships that you bring with you back home.

Tune of the festival: Cocooned by Bungle
If you weren’t being consumed by the bassline of this sickeningly good roller at a club venue then you’d hear it being blasted out from Ambra Day while attempting to sleep!

Drink of the festival: Japanese Ice Tea
There wasn’t a raver without one these cocktails in hand at Ambra Night. Just the mention of this drink gets people reminiscing.

Festival tips
1. You don’t have to try and go to every single event or get worried about missing out. 7 days of partying is demanding a lot from anyone’s mind and body. Our group managed 6 of the nights and we were pretty good at getting ourselves to the beach in the daytime to make the most of the sun – but it’s tiring! If there’s a particular act you’re keen to see, get some rest beforehand. Even if you do miss a night, there’s so much to experience that you won’t think about it.

2. Take insect repellent with you and douse yourself in it. It never occurred to me to actually use some – I regretted this. If you want to avoid painful mosquito bites and paranoid searches online to find out whether you can catch malaria in Sardinia (you can’t), use some!

3. Take a few days before or after the festival so you can enjoy what the town has to offer… or to recover. We stayed after the festival had finished and all of our crew were bed-bound for 2 days. I quote Rob: “I’m so tired from… lying down.”

4. Be mentally prepared to do a lot of walking. La Cinta Beach and Ambra Night are each about a 30 minute walk from the town centre. Not a challenge of course, until you’re 5 days into skanking.

5. Get a set-up going in your villa for full on after-party vibes! We also had a boombox for our treks to the beach and clubs so we were never without riddims.

Festival Highlights
We thought we’d share the team’s highlights of the festival!

Mine was the curated by Lenzman night – probably my best night of this year. The tribute to Marcus Intalex at La Cinta Beach was also moving. Seeing the artists pay homage to him while everyone danced in the sun was a scene I won’t forget.

Dan – Spirit absolutely shelling the place down on the last night. And the boombox missions!

James – Absolute highlight was jamming out to Paradox’ drums and watching everyone go nuts to his classic style.

Nick – I’d have to agree with James – Paradox was a highlight. Followed closely by Clarity on the Samurai night. Also loved hearing Moresounds live on the Astrophonica night and not forgetting the closing set from Spirit on the last night which was next level.

Rob – Blocks & Escher at Ambra Day!

Sam – Paradox and Spirit

Alex – All of it… it’s the best birthday place for a basshead!

Thank you to the In-Reach crew for being just generally awesome people to go on holiday with and for making me feel safe in a new place – there wasn’t a moment of the festival I didn’t enjoy. Also shout out to all the wonderful people I met – you’re the reason I want to go back!

So, same place, same time, next year? We’ll see you there!

Here’s the highlight video from above 😉