Summer Essentials – Crate Clothing

If someone had told me a few years ago that by mid 2015 I’d be going crazy over a collection adorned with ice creams, clouds and gold fish I’d tell them they were off their pickle, yet sure enough, here I am!

Those that follow the threads section may remember that at the end of last year I tipped Crate Clothing as my “one to watch out for” and since then they have simply gone from strength to strength. Their clean, crisp and creative designs separate Crate Clothing from the rest in a market currently saturated with black and white long sleeves and five panels.  For me personally, I feel there is something luxurious about Crate’s lines, including the ‘Mountain’ collection with an almost Maharishi-esq, organic camouflage feel.


So what could be better than that? I hear you ask.  Well, Crate are also currently running a huge sale on a f**k tonne of amazing items, such as tee’s, sweaters, jackets and hats all at steal prices, so not only do you get to explore some fresh garms but it also won’t make you squirm when you check your bank balance the next day (we’ve all been there, checking your online banking squinting through one eye because you’re too scared to use both).

So as always, be sure to check the Crate Clothing webstore for more amazing items and until next time, peace 🙂 x