Substance LP – In Reach Promo Video

We followed Ingredients Records around the country as they celebrated the launch of the Substance LP, their latest various artist compilation. The vibes were serious at the three parties we hit (Brighton, Bristol & London) and going by the pictures the Manchester gig looked great too! On our travels we had a good ole mix with the crowds and talked to the artists who have tracks on the album, check out the video below which documents the launch.

In the works for a few years, the Substance LP is a choice selection of cuts from likes of Total Science, Skeptical, Eveson, Response, DBR and more! It showcases exactly what Ingredients Records is all about and demonstrates nicely the sound we know, love and crave. Full credit to Yagga on the video mix down it’s a wicked job, hope you enjoy 😉

Substance LP (vinyl or digital) – Buy it here

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