Soul Deep Vs. Smooth N Groove Interview

Soul Deep Recordings and Smooth N Groove are excited to announce the lineup for the next event on April 20th, in Northampton!! After an extremely successful event in Los Angeles, the labels are at it again, this time taking things back to its original home.

They have a new addition to the promotion group for this event. SoulStructure and friends have joined the team and will be featured as one of the hosts for the big night in Northampton. Tickets will soon be going on sale for the event, and they’ll surely sell out very quickly, so watch this space for more information.

The host site, Club 43, is an intimate venue, with a limited capacity, so the vibes will be thick. The last event in Northampton was a night that will never be forgotten, so you will not want to miss out! Make sure to save the date and hear what the deejays and emcees have in their arsenal. With so many great artists, with such immense talent, this will definitely be a memorable night. We caught up with the Soul Deep & Smooth N Groove label head honcho’s below for a chat before the huge night. Check that line-up :O

Deejay Lineup:

PFM & Phat Playaz (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Fokuz)
Madcap (Creative Wax, Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove)
Furney (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Innerground, Liquid V)
Scott Allen (Soul Deep, Fokuz, Jazzsticks, Good Looking)
SoulStructure (Jazzsticks)
mSdoS (Liquid Drops, Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove)
Phase 2 (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove)
Soul Connection & Wyman, A.K.A & Greekboy (Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove)


Lady Emz

So can you tell us a little about Soul Deep and Smooth & Groove. What was the idea behind the labels and what are some of your highlights?

Soul Deep – I started Soul Deep to help create a platform for new and more established artists to release their music, and get it heard by more people.  I have a passion for Drum & Bass that is undying, and I do what I can to push the music that I love. Some of the highlights include, representing the label at different events in Europe, releasing a number of top notch vinyl releases, and making artists day by signing their music and helping to push their projects that they spent their time crafting.

Smooth N Groove – We had originally met up through a radio show Chris used to do called Midnight Rollers. Realizing that we both had similar tastes and a relentless passion for this music Drum & Bass we started Smooth N Groove Records. From there we asked a few artists including Jrumhand, mSdoS, Madcap, Greekboy, and Blade to help start up the label with the first 5 releases and then quickly moved into to signing Furney, Payback, A.K.A, Conspire and more.

What current and upcoming projects are you most excited about:

Soul Deep – I’m excited about the event in Northampton on April 20th!  Also, I’m thrilled about some of the big forthcoming releases that are about to drop on Soul Deep.  The label will be releasing albums from Furney, Scott Allen, Furney & Scott Allen (collabs album), Greekboy, and others.  Also, 2019 will see big EP releases from Madcap, Furney, Electrosoul System, Scott Allen, Czar & Scott Allen, Dramatic, Atlantic Connection, and many others.  Also, 2019 will see the release of 2 vinyl projects, which will be announced soon.

Smooth N Groove – We’ve just put out some amazing releases this year from A.K.A & Cosmology, Conspire, Payback & Greekboy, mSdoS and Fishy. Really excited about the Madcap EP dropping on the 16th, RyAudio’s debut EP on the label, mSdoS and Subsid on vinyl, and a massive Furney project planned for May. Also, Albums planned this year from Phat Playaz, Soul Connection, A.K.A & Greekboy, and Payback to name a few. Plenty EP’s from new and returning artists this year as well. Finally, our annual ‘Hidden in the Crates’ project is in effect and looking to close out 2019 with Volume 3!

SoulStructure – Well it’s Jazzsticks 10 year anniversary so we’re currently working on music for a very special release. We’re also delighted to have a remix of the classic Invisible Man track ‘Skyliner’ that we’ve done with long-time collaborator Tim Cant due to be released on Soul Deep at some point this year. Besides that we’re looking forward to more studio time and continuing to built the SoulStructure & Friends night.

You all have a huge night coming up in next month. Can you tell us how the idea came about and a little about what you have in-store?

This is our 4th event between Soul Deep and Smooth N Groove. Scott had originally approached Smooth N Groove about doing a combined label night together and from there it just took off! We very excited to have SoulStructure getting on Board this year.  The line up planned is massive! The night features PFM & Phat Playaz, Madcap, Furney, Scott Allen, SoulStructure, mSdoS, Wyman and A.K.A & Greekboy to close it out!

MC’s involved are PM, BlueJay, Longman, Redeye, and Lady Emz. Full lineup information along with other information can be found at

Do you guys have any plans for the taking events anywhere else?

We have thrown a gig in Los Angeles at Respect DnB, fitting as LA its the home of Soul Deep. We are also in talks with promoters in Leeds and London who we are looking forward to working with. And of course we plan to hold further events at Club 43 and California…..Watch this space!!!

Any final words?

Of course, many thanks to Nick and the crew at In-Reach, Hamid of Club 43, Rob Machete of Respect DnB, all producers who have signed onto the labels (too many to name), anyone who has provided mastering services, all the DJs supporting, and everyone who continues to support the labels and be involved in the scene!

Make sure you don’t miss the Soul Deep and Smooth & Groove event taking place at Club 43 in Northampton on the 20th of April!

Tickets are on sale at:, get em while they last!