Smirnoff Equalising Music – Printworks – Review

Smirnoff Equalising Music – Printworks

Saturday just gone we headed to one of our favourite spots in London, Printworks, to catch a great roundup of some of the best female DJ’s out there, for Smirnoff’s Equalising Music campaign.

As far as Printworks goes as a venue, it can’t really get much better than it already is. The guys behind it are completely open to criticism and it makes a huge difference! Imagine if Fabric had listened to all the old-timers telling them to get tighter on security on the door and maybe turn away the occasionally way-too-turned youngster, they probably wouldn’t have had to endure two years questioning their future. Wait actually oh yeah I just remembered, it was an inside job from the council, so they would have… well… still you should still always listen to your fan base! Printworks does just that.

What have they done exactly? The speakers were distorted, they bought better ones. They weren’t loud enough, they installed more. Room Two wasn’t laid out right, they switched it up. Well Smirnoff are trying to do the same with the music scene… but their bugbear is the amount of females in the music industry, and rightly so! With only 5% of recognised producers being female, they comprised a huge lineup of mostly females to bring vibes to Printworks, and it was of course, insane.

Honey Dijon Printworks
Credit Jake Davis @ Hungry Visuals

We were super lucky for so many reasons that night. The balcony was open to all, which meant I could take my boy up there on his birthday to look for his Brighton mates he’d lost (great). Smirnoff done everyone a solid by providing a free cocktail cup for redemption inside. And to top it off a slight hiccup with my boo Peggy Gou arriving late meant that closing time was extended by half an hour. Oh and it flooded the very next day, meaning it shut early because of some idiot doing pull-ups.

These women brought a completely diverse mix of music into a club that often plays genre by genre. It was not only refreshing to have it constantly mixed up, but the energy of their performances were enthralling as a spectator. Maybe it’s because of the amazing female-championing campaign they’re proud to be a part of, or maybe it’s just the usual energy that they give as incredible purveyors of the finest clubbing music. I reckon it’s both.