Choice Cuts: October


Autumn leaves are falling and it’s been a minute since I dropped some Choice Cuts for you. So lean back in your chair. Get settled in and check out my latest picks from the music world.

First up this month is the most recent single from Lynx. Deep Deadly, featuring Master X. It’s spartan dancefloor equipment that will get you moving. Lynx has been busy lately running his label, Detail,  which he originally set up as an outlet for just his own productions. All that changed when he found Kusp and promptly signed him up for a debut album.  You can check out a couple of picks from the album samplers in the playlist. The album will be out on 5th of November.

Moralz made a return to the US label, Free Love Digi that obsessively explores the outer fringes of the drum and bass sound. You can check out my pick from the release in the playlist.

Defrostatica has been super busy. They’ve had two EP’s out since I last wrote in here. First up a two-part EP from Maltin Worf exploring bass music inspired by a whole smorgasbord of associated genres including hip-hop, jungle, juke and more. Last Friday Detroit’s Filthiest also released an EP on Defrostatica. With more tunes on the way before the years out they’re quickly gaining a reputation for being very productive.

Silent Dust were also getting pretty busy in the last two months with the release of their second album “Listen To The Night”. Featuring a whole host of vocalists and an impressive Calibre remix the album surfs the line between drum and bass and hip hop leaving a lot of people confused about where to categorise it. One thing is for sure, anyway. Super nice sounds and a great coherent journey throughout the album makes it more than worth a listen.

Dutch label, Scientific just dropped a new compilation of laid back cuts in the aptly titled “Chilling On The Couch vol.3”.   I’ve popped a little cut by Bungle in this month’s playlist.

Sticking with the Dutch guys for a moment and Tempo Records has just dropped two EP’s from mS-DoS and Soul Intent respectively.  A mixed bag of stuff to get your teeth into.

It wouldn’t be a Mernywernz rundown without a couple of updates from Manchester at the end. So, without further ado. Here’s a new grime track from up and coming Manchester vocaliset KIME as well as a documentary about Zed Bias and Part2Style founding a new label and finally Think Tonk’s latest track and video.