SINA001: Invadhertz- Never Let You Down/ Cold Fluid

In many people’s eyes, Sine Series can do no wrong.

After the success of past events, most notably ‘Amazonia’; a team up with Engage Audio at The Cause hosting the likes of DLR, Amoss and Doc Scott, to the equally successful Sine Free Download Series, head honcho Apey has now launched the Sine Series events brand into a fully fledged record label.

With fierce competition in the minimal category of Drum & Bass, Sine Audio have already set themselves apart from the crowd with this first release; the single ‘Never Let You Down/ Cold Fluid’ from the London based Italian duo Invadhertz.

Never Let You Down

Opening to luscious pads punctured rhythmically with sharp hats, this tune opens as an etherial haze to please any liquid head. Giving way to a rising breakbeat, the tune smoothes slowly into the drop; expect subtle pad stabs layered over sharp drums and detuned vocal shouts.
A thumping sub is layered with the warmest Reese to ground the listener, yet its evolution is dictated by the side-chaining of the kick. Very classy work.
This gorgeous tune is not without variation; Invadhertz wouldn’t have it as such! A light distorted moving bass adds a bit of grit to the tune as refreshing side step to please both the listener at home and the dance floor.
The thing that stands out to me the most in this tune is the production quality. The interaction of all the elements in this tune link together in the smoothest possible way which causes both delight compositionally and in envious quality of production.
This is really a tune to watch. Yes it’s only February, but I rate this as my favourite tune of 2020.

Cold Fluid

Prepare yourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s time for the B side.
A long introduction is in many cases overrated and this is certainly one of those times. On first listen, one knows this is one dirty, smelly, minimal roller. And that’s from listening to the intro alone! Indeed this is a testament to Invadhertz on their quality of writing to set vibes from the word go.
Teasing bass stabs, sweeps and snares rise in a crescendo of reverb before crashing down to leave a drop that is filled to the top with a rock heavy, rumbling sub. The highlight for me is the smattering of crazy percussion on top of occasional guttural growls that run through the drop.

In summery…. wow. Just… wow. The biggest thing I have taken away from this release is that I know 2020 will be Invadhertz’ year; after releasing on Skankandbass and Flexout Audio towards the end of 2019, the DnB community have half heartedly kept an eye on the goings on of this duo. After this release has dropped, Invadhertz will be front and centre of everyone; no one will be able to ignore the wealth of talent this duo have. Props go to Sine Audio for exposing Invadhertz to the glory they deserve.

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