In Reach: Choice Cuts

Kicking off the Choice Cuts this month I’ve got one of the latest bits on Exit Records from producer, Dolenz. It’s got some top  Exit vibes with some footwork elements and some halftime and all kinds of nice things.  Apparently there’s a lot more to come from this guy as well.

Spirit has dropped a collab that he completed with Marcus Intalex before his death earlier this year. This one had to make it into the rundown.

Free Love Digi have been busy guys with releases from Quentin Hiatus, Thomas B and Kantyze in the last few weeks. They’ve got more on the way before the end of the year as well. They’re well worth checking.

Safire, one of the founding members of Melbourne’s Plasma Audio, steps up with his debut EP for the label. The Distant Light EP showcases his drum and bass work and his halftime styles. There’s something for you in there for sure.

Seba’s label Secret Operations has just dropped a single of remixes from Om Unit and Digital, which have been received nicely. Check them out.

AR Records have also just released the Totem EP by Melinki and Reveaux featuring a collection of collabs from the trio. The vinyl for this one drops next week.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Check you back next month.