Quartz – Hall of Mirrors EP (Metalheadz)

Recently signed to Metalheadz, Quartz has just released his first EP on the label. With expertly crafted raw-cut rattling drums and ominous rumbling bass sounds, his six-track ‘Hall of Mirrors’ EP sends us spiralling into the early days of old skool drum and bass…with a fresh and forward-thinking twist.

Quartz kicks things off with his title track ‘Hall of Mirrors’. Soothing synths and strings lead us in; drums and bass build as we go deeper. As tension rises, there’s no turning back; sobering bass-sirens blare, preparing us for the drop. Snappy drums proceed, spiced up by oscillating snarls, funky descending bass notes, grimey bleeps and atmospheric pads.

Next, Quartz clubs together with Berlin-based dnb duo, Survey, with their tune ‘End Title’. We’re taken on a cosmic journey where rolling drums shatter the stratosphere and collide with sonorous radioactive space debris. Sorrowful melodies flutter through the zero-gravity void while distant voices echo and cry.

Once we come out the other side, we come face-to-face with ‘Oblong Druid’; Quartz turns up the pressure with Gremlinz on this one. This high-octane, half-time skanker will shake you up with an other-worldly explosion of bleeps, stabs and super-charged breakbeat fills.

After this, we’re taken on an adrenaline-pumping joyride with ‘Tunnel Vision’. Relentless dark rolling drum sequences and gravelly bass roars fuel the fire. Buckle up.

‘Ghastly’ is a slow and menacing creeper. Tribal drum hits are cause for concern as we’re dropped down into darkness with paranoia-inducing ambient sounds. We feel the true presence of ‘Ghastly’ through supernatural squawks and weighty drums.

Quartz closes with a light-hearted ‘Goodbye (Alone Inside)’. Comparative to some of Spectrasoul’s work, soulful vocal samples dance around the track as rolling drums and smooth sub bass trigger a knowing smile.


A huge first release on Metalheadz! Don’t hang about…go grab yourself a copy of Quartz’s ‘Hall of Mirrors’ EP today.