Quarantine – Resonance / Turncoat – QRN2004

Quarantine is synonymous with drum and bass and has been around for what seems like an age. The back catalogue may seem sparse to some but every release has been worth the vinyl it has been pressed on. “Quality over quantity” should be this label’s moto along with “pure drums and deep grooving bass”.

If you don’t know this label is owned and run by Fierce.   Yes – the same Fierce who has cemented his productions in d&b folklore. With collaborations with Ed Rush, Optical, Cause 4 Concern, Optiv, Break and Bad Company (still waiting for Brok to be released!), it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about drum and bass!!!

So this brings us up to the current day. You may or may not have heard the current crop of Quarantine releases in 2015, namely collaborations between Fierce and man of the moment Zero T.
All these releases have the Quarantine hallmark of driving drums and deep rolling basslines, perfect for those who love their rollers!

This latest one (QRN2004) is another collaborations release. A solo single (QRN2005) will be followed closely behind, the review of this one will be up at the end of the month. Let’s get back to the current release!

Side A (Resonance) is a collaboration between the boss-man Fierce and long time spa Dom. This is a crunching piece of dnb. Starting with an echoed vocal and tearing drum break reminiscent of Fierce and Zero T’s previous Quarantine release Second Nature which filters down to lull you into a false sense of security before the almighty sub bass hits! This track just oozes the stamp of Dom and Fierce. This one is pure in your face dance floor destruction –  there are no unnecessary sounds put in to fill out space in the audio spectrum.  Consequently the subbass and drums can sound bigger and fuller and pummel your chest on a nice rig!

Side B (Turncoat) is a further impressive  instalment in the Fierce and Zero T collaboration catalogue. “Turncoat” will be perfect for those Djs that love long transitional mixes as the trademark Quarantine drums are in full force. The filtered bass carries the groove of the drum breaks perfectly, so much so you can’t help nodding your head vigorously while rocking back and forth on your feet.  The midrange stabs carry well and enhance the groove.

I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a collaboration album between these 2 producers and I’m sure there are plenty more tracks waiting to be released soon but for now we have an already impressive back catalogue to listen too and this release fits in perfectly.
A release that leaves you more than satisfied to feed your habit of drums and bass.

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