Q&A with Teebee

Subtitles Music is one of the most respected and loved labels in drum and bass. To celebrate the Sine Language album we caught up with the boss Teebee for a little Q&A…

In-Reach: Production or DJ?

Teebee: They go hand in hand, but the studio is one of my favourite places in the world ..Studio

In-Reach: Tea or Coffee?

Teebee: Each has a place in my day. Tea 

In-Reach: Favourite new artist?

Teebee: Brain Crisis from Russia. We’ve signed him exclusively and he has two tracks on the Sine Language album.

In-Reach: Favourite track on Sine Languages?

Teebee: Hard to pick . Tune For Teebee-Mark System , Fight Ogres – Brian Crisis and Gang Rule by Ulterior Motive are all up there.

In-Reach: Norway or England?

Teebee: England for logistics,music and culture . Norway for everything else

In-Reach: Most hated musical genre?

Teebee: Gabber

In-Reach: If you could collaborate with any artist, from any genre, who would it be?

Teebee: This is insanely tough . Brandy always speak to me . Amazing singer

In-Reach: Do you play any instruments?

Teebee: A little guitar and keys

In-Reach: Any hidden talents? Can you play spoons?

Teebee: Yes I can play spoons.. Loads of hidden talents 😉


Big thanks Teebee!! Be sure to check out the Sine Language album and go cop that !!

Grab it at Surus.