Outlook Origins : A New Beginning

“Change” is a broad term, and it can apply to many things. A change in employment, a move to another country or something as simple as switching from dairy to soya milk – but for some reason, we as a society are terrified of the word. 

It’s the invisible force that stops us from walking out of the job that we get paid minimum wage and minimum respect for, the entity that prevents us from taking risks, trusting our guts and that which keeps us nestled safely within the confines of our comfort zones. But change can be good. It can symbolize progression, innovation, and adventure and is responsible for some of the most groundbreaking technological, social and cultural advancements of our lifetime.

© Photography by Daisy Denham (www.daisydenham.co.uk)

Last year Outlook Festival celebrated their final year at the renowned Fort, announcing their plans to relocate for 2020 – marking the end of an era for a decade of ravers. Initially, like thousands of others, I was gutted. ‘But how will they top the venue? It’s not going to be the same…..why fix it if it isn’t broken?’ were some of the statements floating around last year’s event as the Festival said its goodbye to Pula.

However, after attending the festival for a number of years and hearing the justifications behind Outlook’s decision, I am hopeful and excited at the prospect of a new chapter for the world’s leading sound system festival, and here’s why…

Over the years, Outlook has become known as an international community of like-minded music-fans who keep the celebration of sound system culture alive. It has built a reputation for offering the very best in bass music from big-name pioneers, red hot new talents and everything in between. However, with increased visibility & popularity come larger and less ‘headsy’ crowds, bringing with them the potential to detract from the Festival’s initial intimate charm and ethos. With Outlook seeking to downsize & re-establish that vibe by guiding the festival back to its roots, what better place to host the festival’s move than where it all began?

For those worried about the festival being able to match the idyllic setting of Pula, have no fear. The all-new proposition for 2020 takes place across three special locations; The Garden Resort in Tisno for the main festival, world-famous Barbarella’s for after-parties and St Michaels Fortress for an all-new & very special opening concert.

As for maintaining the caliber of artist selection when it comes to the performers – less is more for 2020. Spanning genres in unprecedented style, Outlook Origins will celebrate the best in drum & bass, dubstep, grime, garage, reggae and beyond with 12 world-renowned pioneers being asked to curate this special edition. Calibre, Goldie, Lenzman, Zed Bias, Mala, DJ Storm, Flava D, D Double E, The Bug, Iration Steppas, Fliptrix and Mungo’s Hi Fi will program the event, delivering music straight from the heads, to the heads.

Now taking place from 30th July–4th August, Outlook wants to reinforce the foundations on which the festival was built over 10 years ago and will continue in their tradition of representing the full spectrum of music from forward-thinking artists, pioneering labels and unconventional promoters in the newest chapter of their legacy; Outlook Origins, and I among thousands of others can’t wait to embrace the change.

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