Akane Tubepicks

Akane is one half of the team behind Melbourne’s growing bass music powerhouse, Plasma Audio. Her work behind the scenes and in particular her bespoke artworks she creates for the releases and other label products such as a Tee design she completed for Goldie.   Her work is an integral part in the success of Plasma and you have certainly seen her work without realising.  She also does tattoos and has inked the likes of Zed Bias and DRS and many more. We asked her for her favourite Tubepicks. Check out her instagram to see her artwork and tattoos.

QQQDesign  Insta / Muga Insta

MOII-5lack x Olive Oil (-502-) 

In these days hiphop getting super poorer in japan. mostly ppl in japan following trap & gangster hiphop but Olive oil and 5.l.a.c.k make theyr own sound. Olive oil from oil works is one of my favourite beat maker in japan. and 5.l.a.c.k ’s lyric are always magic. feels, tough soul in beauty and painful beats. thats how i love their hiphop.

Glenn Gould plays Bach

I love this because Glenn gould will always be a legend.  Glenn Gould is a classic pianist. I always love to watch this and imagine how he feels to play piano like this and that makes my inspiration.

sigur ros

This is one of my favourite bands.  Sigur ros’s music video with amazing dancers.  their music is most close to my feelings. I am from Tokyo where it’s a super busy area. I was visiting Shibuya and Shinjuku everyday for 4-5 years for school and work.  Everything is so fast at there. you can’t stop to feel sky in that busy area but i can stop in that fast cycle when i listen sigur ros’s tunes and that is like magic.  Thats how i listen their music. I think i want to feel something beautiful in the centre of lost mind’s // busy city. Its the best medicine for sure.

The best pole dancer in this planet.

Yea, pole dancers is so popular now but i think this is my most favourite pole dancer on this planet.