Fresh off the heels of Verb T & Pitch 92’s ‘Good Evening’ LP and last week’s Ocean Wisdom blistering comeback single ‘Eye Contact’, the High Focus Records machine shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to steamroll through October. Today, the label treat us to ‘Pennywize’, a brand new Halloween exclusive single & video courtesy of the spookiest man in show business today: Onoe Caponoe. 

Aptly named after the Pennywise character from Stephen King’s ‘IT’, Onoe’s homage to the clown who terrified a generation is spot on. From the psychotic rapid fire flow to the harrowing trap rhythm ,the feel of this track is perfect for Halloween and really captures the vibe of being beckoned into a sewer by a murderous clown.

“I was about two years old when I first saw the VHS cover of Stephen King’s ‘IT’, It caused me to run out into the road as a kid if I ever saw a clown, dodging death by inches. These days, I’m not really too scared of clowns but am still aware of the surreal freaky power that they once had over mini Onoe Caponoe.”

“I wrote this song about 4 months ago and I wasn’t going to put it out, but then I realised that the remake of ‘IT” was coming out, so I thought to myself ‘HELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER’ let this be the first door I walk through upon my return to the motherfucking microphone!”

As we have come to expect from Onoe the video is a kaleidoscopic journey into the depths of a horrific LSD bad trip, unsettling to the say the least, this is the perfect accompaniment to the electrifying track. Its the season for ‘trick or treating’, and our friends at High Focus Records have delivered us a real treat here. ENJOY!

High Focus Records is proud to present ‘Pennywize’, a Halloween exclusive courtesy of Onoe Caponoe. The Stephen King inspired single will be available worldwide across all digital platforms alongside a spooky official music video on HighFocusTV!

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