A New Dawn, A New Day // LSB ‘Footnotes’

It’s a new day for LSB as he launches his brand new imprint, Footnotes. Joining the ever-growing tribe of artist-run labels to launch over the last few years, including Lenzman’s The North Quarter & Alix Perez’s 1985 Music, Footnotes’ debut release tells us everything and more about what we can expect from the liquid D&B maestro.

The title track, ‘New Day’ has been making the rounds on dub for a little while now, and features the lyrical & vocal expertise of longtime collaborator DRS. Encased in echoes of shimmering pads & delicate jazz-infused melodies, a sound instantly recognisable in LBS’s palette, ‘New Day’ combines soulful, punchy vocal hooks with uplifting, dreamy production. Timeless.

The subtle, melancholic sweeps & hypnotising Calibre-esque ease of ‘Drifter’ command the listener’s attention throughout, delivering a wistful sound palette littered with ethereal vocal chops and warm rolling basslines.

“Tripped” showcases a darker side to this so far liquid cut, embodying clear techno influences with it’s rising bassline, militant drum patterns & grinding pads, while ‘Jazz Strings’ steers the EP full circle, presenting another effortless blend of symphonic melodies & majestic soundscapes, locked neatly into place with crisp, warm drums.

Liquid gold in it’s purest form, ‘New Day’ is available now on all online platforms, you can grab your copy here.