Macca & Loz Contreras – Better World LP & Guestmix

Portsmouth’s Macca & Leeds-based Loz Contreras have once again united their talent to provide us with luscious liquid vibes via their debut album release on Fokuz Recordings.

I was supposed to have submitted this review earlier – or, at least, I said I would – but I’ve been coming home from work recently and face-planting my bed in exhaustion. On Monday morning however, I plugged in my earphones on the journey to work and the Better World Album Mini Mix started playing from my Soundcloud Likes. Thanks to these two gentlemen, I smoothly grooved my way into the beginning of the week on a very high note. You know those rare moments when you feel complete tranquillity? I felt that. Any problems on my mind were swiftly booted out by rolling drums and velvety basslines. After that mix, I felt very ready to face my week and very inspired to write.

This whole LP is so beautifully composed and it’s evident just how much time and thought has gone into its production. There is something to be praised in each tune but I’ve decided to write about the two tracks which really stood out to me.

My favourite tune from the album is the title track Better World, a jazzy liquid roller that is both deep and soulful. The artists have flawlessly executed what I wish I could do; select a great tune in its own right (that would be ‘If’ by Jimmy Chew Band) and transform it into a charming 170 piece. The bassline is what really makes it, working in harmony with the strings and vocals. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like the world has gone a bit mad (well, particularly mad) recently. In all the negativity out there, music is a source of healing for many people and Better World reminded me of that. It’s uplifting, moving and a pleasure to the ears.

Another track I adore is Feel Alive. Listening to this track once is simply not enough – it’s addictive, and the more I’ve listened to it, the more I like it. The drums and breaks roll effortlessly and the piano synths give the tune its enchanting edge. Feel Alive is liquid done well; one of those numbers you can easily drift off to sleep listening to but equally go crazy for on the dance floor.

I like that each artist has one of their own solo tracks on the LP too. The funky Disco Kiss by Loz Contreras has had me unashamedly shaking my booty around my bedroom and I’ve been having a lot of fun mixing with Macca’s heavy hitter Switch – that one is a weapon.

With this release the artists have remained true to their signature sound throughout but the diversity you want from a good album is still there. The DnB world clearly agrees, with renowned producers Lenzman, S.P.Y and FD all hopping on remix duties. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have and if you get the opportunity to see these guys live, do it! They’ve got a number of tour dates upcoming where you’ll be able to hear the Better World basslines from the big rigs they deserve. I’m going to be bopping along to Egg in May to see them and definitely looking forward to it.

P.S Loz has also blessed us with #31 in our Guestmix series! Cannot wait to blast this out cruising in the sunshine. Check it out below 🙂