Luther EP – HLZ – DIS133

2019 has been on fire as far as releases go. Dispatch has been at the forefront pushing new artists and quality productions.

Next up is HLZ with his second solo outing on the boundary pushing label.

The 4 track ‘Luther EP’ is exactly what I would expect from a Dispatch Recording a release: forward thinking and futuristic in its make up and destructive on the dancefloor.

Kicking things off with the title track ‘Luther’, HLZ encompasses the Virus sound from the early 2000s, with crunchy rolling beats, eerie atmospheres, cutting midrange stabs and a deep subby bassline to keeps you head nodding from start to finish. The drums in this roll really well, so for me this is a great Dj tool to use in the mix and tune to take it up a notch when you are heading towards an energetic section in your set.

‘Perpetual’ and ‘Circus Shot’ are moody rollers that will satisfy the needs of a dark and smouldering mix. For me ‘Perpetual’ actually has some DNA from techno; it’s a relentless track, seemingly very minimal in its layers but full with the sounds that are used. The closest tune I can reference is ‘Blackhole’ from Moving Fusion.

Lastly we have ‘Mystery Sound’, featuring the musical vocals of drum and bass great, MC Fats.
Starting off with sharp chunky drums and a melodic atmospheric pad, Fats’ vocal shifts in and out of earshot, moving the intro along nicely. The the vocals sound almost ‘floaty’ and compliment the rolling drums and bassline, but don’t get it twisted – this is not a ‘liquid’ track at all.

Dispatch very rarely deliver a substandard release and that doesn’t change here. HLZ’s production has gone up a level and the partnership with Dispatch will see that continue. This is a moody EP that shows quality from start to finish. If you like the new tech sound, this is for you.

You can buy this release here!