L-Side Interview & Guestmix

L-Side has been firmly making his mark in the world of raw dance floor focused Drum & Bass. Originally producing hip-hop beats before increasing the tempo to 176bpm, he is known for his meticulous mix of upfront and aggressive sounds merged with funk and soul styles, creating a flawlessly fresh take on drum and bass. 

Real name Ribeirão Pires, the Brazilian based artist has just finished up his debut album ‘Carnal Mind’, released 6th April via V Recordings so we thought we would take a little time to speak to the man behind the music.

L-Side Carnal Mind coverFirstly, thank you taking some time to speak to us today! For those who may be unfamiliar with L-Side, tell us a little bit about yourself and the music you make?

Thank you for having me on In:Reach! L-Side is a producer of Drum & Bass, maybe I would not even say Drum & Bass, I like to make music, to be free to create what I’m feeling at a certain moment.

Born and raised in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, can you give us a little more insight into what the Drum & Bass scene is like there? 

The Drum & Bass scene in Brazil is currently very small. We have many DJ’s & Producers, but few parties. The public has changed, it’s not the same as it was back in the ’00’s where it was one of the predominant styles in the country.

Hip hop clearly has a massive influence over you, how does that shape the Drum & Bass you produce? Is there anything else that influences you other than Hip hop?

The aggressive sound of Hip-Hop in the 90’s inspires me a lot to make Drum & Bass, MPC sounds, dirty drum kits and the samples that the guys use to make beats. Besides Hip-Hop, I really like Reggae music, and it always inspired me too.

You have built up a extensive back catalogue of releases over the years you have been in the industry, now it’s time to release your first album ‘Carnal Mind’. How long has this been in the making? Is it a good feeling to be getting it out there?

It’s like a dream come true! I think every artist should make an album to show their versatility and put feeling, emotion, experiences and influences all into one project. Producing an album is like writing a book. I’m really happy, I’ve been working on this album since 2015.

We have been loving the whole album here at In-Reach, it’s a real journey packed with vibes. Is there any track that particularly stands out or one that is being especially well received?

I have my favourite track for every moment, that was the purpose of the album. But my favourite track is the title track “Carnal Mind” with the vocals of Ras Tweed. I have always admired the work of this guy and being able to work with him was an honour for me, the good energy that this song brings to me is inexplicable.

The album features a vast array of lyrical talent from the like of Collette Warren to Inja. Was it a conscious decision to work with as wide range of vocal artists?

I wanted to have some vocalists on the album, but I confess that many came naturally. I often felt the beat and imagined a particular vocal in the song, so I began the work of getting in touch with all of them.

So you have gone into the mix for us ahead for your LP release in April. Talk us through the mix, can we expect lots of album exclusives in here?

I played some of my tracks, some collaborations and some things that I’m playing in clubs at the moment, check it out!

What can we expect from L-Side for the rest of 2018? Have you got any notable sets or other releases you can tell us about?

I’m starting new songs and I’m hoping to release some more EPs during the year, soon there will be more L-Side songs. Haha!

Before we go, any final words/shoutouts?

Thank you guys for the support, the V Records Crew for helping me every time and a big shout to all my Brazilian crew!

Obrigado L-Side!

Make sure you check out this stellar mix he has put together for us here at In-Reach. Packed to the brim with fresh and exclusive music, this one is certainly not to be missed out on!