KosMos Music – Kosmological Conspiracy After Album EP

What KosMos Music does so well as a collective is bring together artists who incorporate a global, fresh vibe to the music it releases. This EP certainly provides the soundtrack to celebrating diversity and cultural fusion through sonic means.

To kick this EP off, Electrosoul System have delivered a 125bpm breaks masterpiece. Focusing on arpeggiated synths over a steady beat, “Hyperborea Touch” delivers synthesised intricacy through a progressive composition.
While no atmospherics or airy pads are found here, a staple of breakbeat genres, neither are found here. Instead, the ever changing labyrinthine delve into synthesis composition gets top marks from me.

After appearing on KosMos’ Supernova LP, it is no surprise Dharma Kaya is back with another growling, bass driven track designed to scare the pants off whoever listens!
A producer that hasn’t had much recognition, Dharma Kaya is slowly making his way to the fore with his unique, dark taste of liquid fused neuro. ‘Krishna’ brings dark atmospherics underneath a thumping break that soon slips into monumental movements of Bass to create a huge stepper.

Up next is yet more fusion, this time in the form of Indian chant blended artistically with the intensity and high tempo of drum & bass in ‘Mahadeva’. As many of you are aware, I am a fan of the introduction of real instruments into Drum & Bass, and boy do Derrick & Tonika deliver! With Tabla and Sitars stirring in the background while vocals take the fore, the stringed arpeggiator slowly introduces the 808-packed punch that is the drop. Here, panned synth stabs and polyrhythmic percussion fill this track to the brim of world music fusion bliss.

Fourth on this EP, Liquitek & Bioritm bring a similar fusion flavour, yet this track ‘Tuva Acid’ still brings a bite to the release which is on magnificent par with every other track on this superb EP. This track brings a relishing palate of Native American mantra with deep, husky throat cries. After a string drone leads into the drop, a gargling reese sweeps these vocals away to reveal a powerful stepping break.

In ‘Big Data’, arpeggiators dominate the scene in a blissful intro reminiscent of Wilkinson’s ‘Take You Higher’. Yet while the latter escalates into a jumping stepper, Melotronic’s ‘Big Data’ does not creep, rise or Crescendo into a distortion dominated break. Instead, and rather unexpectedly, a thunderous 808 kicks hard in a half time drop of growing magnitude as vocal shouts tell of being “big”: as if we weren’t aware of the magnificence this tune brings!

Atmospheres built up of rises and cymbals for ‘Your Love’ prelude the ambitious breakbeat challenge Okee has set himself here. After setting the sonic scene, an arpeggiator in a state of flux opens to a wonderful saxophone riff, followed by half time liquid stillness. ‘Your Love’ combines so many elements of liquid in a glorious and graceful manor that the listener cannot help but feel soothed. What an accomplishment by Okee: one to watch for those needing some relaxation from their Drum & Bass.

What an EP. In terms of fusing sonic ideas and music from several cultures, particularly those of asia, this EP delivers in full with more fusion glory to spare. It should also hold adoration for providing organic material in a genre where electronic sounds rule.

You can cop the EP here: