KLAX – Rekanize EP

After a huge year of releases last year, Critical Music continue to prove why they are at the forefront of forward thinking underground drum and bass, staying true to the craft and pushing the very best in technical and melodic bass music.

Fresh into 2017 and they aren’t waiting about, this time offering a sublime 4-track EP from Brighton based trio, Klax. If you aren’t aware of Klax or have only heard very little of them I’ll give you a little bit of background.

Klax are a trio of producers who had all been solo artists, namely: Riskotheque, Bringa and Locustlung. They came together as they are all from the same city of Brighton to form the collective and start using each other’s talents and ideas to create the ‘next level’ of music they make today. Starting off with a release on the legendary Renegade Hardware was ‘Vendetta’ back in 2014, catching the eye of more figureheads in the scene which spurred them onto Kasra’s Critical Music.

Initially featuring on label mate, Foreign Concept’s ‘Ask Yourself’ Klax soon caught the eye of the bossman himself and before long they released their first solo offering to the label on Criticals digital sister project ‘Binary’. The EP was a successful release and their track ‘Blackball’ getting worldwide plays and giving the lads even more exposure. Two years down the line and they released their next solo EP under Criticals ‘Systems’ series which was met with a very pleasing response from the drum and bass scene, even getting regular plays from artists such as Sub Focus and Friction.

 Now, we’re pretty much up to date which brings me to the aforementioned, brand new release the ‘Rekanize EP’, again out on the mighty Critical Music.

This 4-track shows exactly what Klax are about and that’s unrestricted, raucous and varied beats whether its liquid, half-time or straight up in-your-face rollers, Klax can execute it with extreme precision and craftsmanship. From the tribal-like, percussion-driven shower of drum hits and dramatic horns that is ‘Risk-it’ to the sultry, string-laden smoothness of ‘The Sway’ Klax`s ‘Rekanize EP’ is an incredible introduction to 2017’s releases for Critical, as it really does have a track for all and everyone!

You can cop this sublime EP in all good online outlets now.

Vinyl – https://shop.criticalmusic.com/vinyl/crit094

Digital – https://shop.criticalmusic.com/download/crit094d