KillaKlan – The Assassinator/ Visible Thief (Prototype)

An unfamiliar name steps up for their first release and it’s on the legendary Prototype. Names could be thrown out there but let’s be honest, this isn’t the time to be spreading false rumours. But whoever KillaKlan 001 is, they’ve clearly made a few tunes before this release. A pair of panic inducing and generally worrying tracks make up the latest release on the seminal label.

‘The Assassinator’ has a mystical feel, with exotically concerning synths sitting above tight, flowing breaks. Littered with scattered, off-beat percussion, the tune is rough around the edges but is grounded with warm 808’s. The track title accurately sets the tone for the 6 minutes that follow, a journey into a jungly, Middle Eastern darkness.

On the flip, ‘Visible Thief’ bursts the ear drums with fat, punchy stabs and crusty, rigid breakbeats. Another horror infused, derailed nightmare soundtrack with spooky, distorted bleeps and creaky synths demonstrates that KillaKlan 001 clearly means business and it’s probably not going to be very pleasant.

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