Jubei & Tyrone – The Arcane EP (METAJTEP001)

A release with a 360 of dance floor ready hurters, The Arcane EP couldn’t be anymore at home on Drum and Bass’ pioneering label. Metalheadz’s core family member, Jubei, pairs up with Chroma’s Tyrone to bring us 4 rig ready toe tappers. 

No holding back with this one, the anthem of the bunch that you’ve no doubt heard rip up the dance floor. Reminiscent of Jubei’s signature style in tracks like the infamous Congo and Rufige 11 from his LP. The name, Stabs, is a fitting name with its aggressively simple groove and regimented drums. Avelon provides a blend beteeen euphoric and chilling sensations with delayed and dubbed out atmospherics. Energetic bongos that keep the steam rolling in a spaced out track where every listen uncovers a new layer.

An eerie intro building up to the slugger of a tune that is The Saboteur. A heavyweight headbanger sculpted around a monstrously fizzy bassline, fittingly released in time for winter as the cold begins to not-so-subtly creep back in. A classic feeling with a spooky tune plagued with fuzzy reeses and crunched up breaks in Hoppers Theme. The jungle influence shines through with swirling combinations of whirling drums and rippling basses and the occasional stroke of nightmare inducing pads.

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