Jaydrop Interview & Guestmix

We welcome Jaydrop to In-Reach.co.uk. He’s a producer who recently caught my attention in the 170 bpm field with his dark, stripped back simplistic approach. His début EP is out now on Demand Records and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with the promising new producer.

So Jaydrop, can you introduce yourself for all our readers?

Easy guys, I’m Jay Jennings, I’m 22 and I’m from Bristol.

So, how did your signing to Demand Records come around? 

When I started to make more music around 170, I started sending the tunes over to Carlos at Demand, but I think he was more interested in my 140 tunes to begin with haha. I Just kept on sending them through and he asked me who wasn’t signing the tracks, So I just said that he could have them for Demand on the off chance and then it started from there.

How long have you been producing Drum & Bass? 

I’ve been producing from about 3 and half years now, I’ve experimented with drum and bass but never got into making it until about 6 months ago, now its taken over. I have been making music which ranged from 110 to 170, I just couldn’t find where my sounds fitted in.

Samples or Synths?

Synths, easily! I just use the ES1 in logic and sometimes ill get NI Razor out aswell. One of my mates has a Virus TI which I love playing around on, need to get some hardware I think. Although when it comes to Reese basses, I love to sample older tunes for that, you cant beat it.

Run us through your studio, production set-up etc. 

My set up is very basic, Macbook pro, Logic ( learning Ableton as we speak) set of monitors, Midi Keyboard and an Akai touch pad.

What inspires you when writing music?

This is probably the hardest question to answer. I draw a lot of inspiration from other genres of music but also just if I’m walking along and hear a sound that I like, ill just record it on my iPhone and use it, you do get a few strange looks sometimes though.

What artists are you feeling at the moment? Anyone in particular we need to watch out for? 

My boys Mystic State are smashing the tunes out at the moment, especially there release with Interline (Badman also) which just came out on ProxLTD. Hidden Life is somebody who you should keep an ear out for aswell, perfect combination of simple and effective.

Top 3 tracks in the bag?

Hidden Life – Hollow
Clarity – Wrong Floor
Hyroglifics – Torus

What else do you have lined up for this year? 

I’m In talk’s with another label, so hopefully get the ball rolling for my next EP on that. I have a collab with Mystic State X Pandaka which is coming out on Skutta records and I also did a remix for someobody but im not to sure whats happening with that.

In terms of interests outside of music, what do you get up to when not in the studio? 
Not much really haha music is my main focus I guess. I work in a Coffee shop and make a badman Coffee.

Thanks for the words Jaydrop. You can purchase his EP right here. Make sure you check the guestmix below.

 Demand Records Soundcloud