Inward, Hanzo and Randie – Consistency of error LP

Inward, Hanzo and Randie – Consistency of error LP – Cause 4 concern. The Italian threesome drop a trigonomic bass bomb with their Consistency of error LP, released on Cause for Concern 21/8/17.

This album is a showcase of what great Neurofunk is all about – the standard requirement of heart stopping, fizzing mid range vectors layered on top of a venomous, twisting sub but…. with funk inspired riffs and percussion; an element all too often overlooked by producers looking for that next frenzied level of sound design. Anyone looking for inspiration into this genre should certainly get on this LP – a real reference point.

– Choice Cuts –

The musicality is there for all to indulge in, from the absolutely brilliant ‘Skorpio’ with funk at its
core, this track is sure to be a showstopper when dropped.

Tune-X’ is a very cool track, featuring Synth ethics this rolls with heavy stabs, reverb laden and some superbly programmed drums, this banger will send any dancefloor into meltdown.

You can buy this brilliant LP right here:

Dub Elements -‘ Invasion’ EP – EatBrain. Those Brain Eaters have done it again!!! Dub Elements are well known for their hard hitting style but this…what a statement! These Spanish producers are setting themselves for a big future!!

Every track is killer with its own signature style. This EP has bags of style and sacks of originality. Released on 4/9/17

– Choice Cuts –

Brain Eaters – Well you didn’t think I had thought that up did you?! A track written for this label
without a shadow of doubt. A nicely minimal drum loop lets the sub and superbly automated mid-range do the shouting. Banger!

‘Get on’- What a busy track this is! The complexity is obvious and it works so well with every element of automation applied perfectly spliced with the next sequence. This collaboration with 20Hz Audio is my track of the moment!

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Now for a special segment!

Broken Note as we know has a special place set aside within heavy bass music. Consistently innovative and always on point, Broken Note has released a mixtape which is a taste of reworked releases and collaboration to whet the appetite for his forthcoming “Dust and Shadows” tour which is a pre-cursor to the LP, something that I will follow up on as soon as I get
my mits on it.

Check the mixtape out above and look out for future coverage right here at In-Reach.

Written by: Contaminated Rhythm