Introducing Padai

It’s not often that I’m sat listening to some Electronic Ambient music, feeling mesmerised by the euphoric and chilled out vibes that has been giving off by the tracks! That’s exactly what one of Padai’s latest track has done to me! Padraig Lavery also known as Padai is an upcoming Producer from Ireland! Having heard one of his latest tracks ‘Colada’, I thought to scrummage around looking for further tracks produced by himself.

Taking a listen on Spotify to his other tunes, the chills continue. His tracks are like magic to me! From Electronic Ambient, to Tech House and even Progressive House – he ranges in it all. I was truly surprised that I haven’t heard of this guy before, so seeing as I don’t know much about Padai, I thought to speak to him and get him introduced to myself and now you guys and girls too, bringing together another In-Reach Exclusive!

1.Tell me about Padai?
#A: Hi Matt thanks for having me, the name Padai comes from my real name ”Padraig’, I just picked out some of the letters and decided to go from there lol.

I’m from Belfast, Ireland and am still living here at the moment, I turn 30 in 4 month’s time, gettin old, yikes!

I’ve been into music from a very young age and got into the DJing side of it when I was around 13, producing came later which I began teaching myself from around the age of 17/18.

I love all types of music but would probably consider the stuff I make to fall within the progressive end of House music if you were to pigeon hole it, maybe some tracks are a little more on the tech house style, it’s all just electronic music to me though and I like to just go with the flow on each project and see where it takes me.

2.Guilty Pleasures?
#A: haha maybe listening to a little bit of Elton John or Rod Stewart from time to time!

3.Top Artist/Album on repeat for you at the moment?
#A: I’ve been listening and reading back on a lot of Nirvana lately, have also been checking out Liam Gallagher’s new album this week.

4.What encouraged you to begin?
#A: I think what got me into it was just listening to old rave tapes and live radio 1 broadcasts from the likes of Homelands and Gatecrasher back in the day, I was influenced by lot’s
of the earlier sounds of progressive house and trance and would have been into the sounds of Nick Warren, Sasha, John Digweed & Paul Van Dyk.

5.What is influencing you at the moment?
#A: I’m loving the All Day I Dream concept and label of Lee Burridge as well as The Soundgarden with Nick Warren, both very inspiring for me.
6.Earliest musical memory?
#A: My earliest musical memory is probably listening to Irish folk music about the house in the early 90s.

7.Describe your music using 3 words?
#A: boom, boom, music

8.What inspired the vibe behind your latest track Colada?
#A: Absolutely nothing at all lol, Colada was actually thought of as a kind of B side track when I had finished it, just something to release but not as the main track
for an EP, turned out I was wrong lol! It has gotten some nice support over the months with Nick Warren also featuring it on his Soundgarden Ibiza Special which was great.

9.What made you want to start your own label ‘littlemoon’? and what is the best and worst part about your own label?
#A: I have always liked the idea of having my own label and being able to release anything I wanted, I had spent a few months thinking of a name that would work nicely as a
label and event concept and after a few months of hurting my brain, littlemoon popped out. I’d like to build my own little community up over time with it and sign
like-minded artists to hopefully evolve it into something special.

Probably the only bad thing I can think off with running your own label is putting money into it without seeing a return, this isn’t something that bothers me at all though,
with littlemoon I’m happy to just keep it on the side and let it slowly grow itself for the moment.

10.Any current singles you’re working on at the moment/what is next for Padai?
#A: I have lots of new tracks coming out in the coming months, maybe too much lol! There is a large backlog of about 20 tracks over various labels that still need to come out!

I have also been finishing off newer tracks almost on a weekly basis to add to that list but need to figure out where to put them. I have some stuff on littlemoon that will
start to arrive out just after Christmas and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.

11.Who would be your dream collab?
#A: There are so many artists I am inspired with, a collab with Sasha would be great!

12.What has been your greatest challenge so far in the music industry?
#A: The greatest challenge has to be getting your production level up to a decent standard, it takes years and you’ll never be fully satisfied with it, I think everyone making their own music
would agree with me on that one.

13.Any special information you can give out for fans?
#A: I hate the term fans lol! If likeminded people like what I do then I’m happy with that and id just say cheers to them for showing an interest! 🙂

14.Best advice you have ever been given?
#A: Produce the music you want to make, create your own sound within it, don’t follow the crowd or hype.

15.Advice you can give others trying to get into the DJ/Producing scene?
#A: Practise, practise, practise! Put those hours in it really does take years to learn this stuff, there are no shortcuts, if you are passionate about it then you should be grand, I know lot’s of people who love DJing but haven’t the patience to learn production, just spend time getting to know your programs, take your time and focus on parts of your production that you find yourself lacking in, everything will just fall into place overtime piece by piece. Don’t drown yourself in having all the latest sample packs or vst collections, focus on 2 or 3 at the most and get your head around them, build your own little collection of samples you like the sound off and get the most out of each sound you choose to add into your projects, less is more!

Also if you can add acoustic treatment to your room then it’s best to do so!

16. Where can people find you?
#A: You can catch me on all my social media pages Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud /padaimusic.

So now you got his well needed introduction about himself and what he does, make sure you go and check out his Spotify – and keep up to date with him on his socials to hear his upcoming tracks when they drop first!