Handra – Eyes On You/Far Away – ABREC13

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he freshness is flowing thick and fast through the drum and bass scene at the moment, with quality music coming at us from all angles, and we’re certainly feeling the vibes here at In-reach. This time around, we’re back once again with the addictive behaviour and it’s the awesome polish duo who go by the name of Handra providing the beats. This is Handra’s second release on the label, after their first 12”: Coat of Dust/Stay Away, making a big first impression for the duo back in 2014. Their latest release features a remix of the exquisite ‘Coat of Dust’, courtesy of Eastcolors, as well as a smooth half time number called ‘Far Away’. Once again Handra have managed to display their impressive range of drum and bass production on just one piece of wax, as they delve into various areas of the drum and bass spectrum, with devastating results!

The A side of this 12” goes to ‘Eyes On You’; a collaboration with Mortem that’s destined for the dance floor. This track is an absolute requisite in the arsenal of any dj; it’s got the power to creep out of the woodwork and get the whole room bouncing. An almost tribal bass drum leads us into the track, as accelerating pads build the intensity of the short snappy intro as we head toward the drop. You better be ready to move once this one hits; the grooving bass line and hard stepping drums bounce along in parallel with the panicked vocals that cry “You see. You fear. You doubt”. As the tune rolls out we hear hints of Noisia esque electronic flexes, while edging towards the breakdown for a much needed breather. The second drop comes in just as strong and the onslaught continues without letting up.

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The style takes a big switch with the next track: ‘Far Away’, in which the boys are showing off the deeper side to their music. The background samples set the scene on the intro with the sounds of stormy winds and crashing waves, alongside clicks that subtly evolve into a smooth half time drum break with a distinctive clapping snare. The bass line breaks through effortlessly and gently, accompanied by some high pitched keys and drawn out dejected vocals. You can really feel a lot of emotion in this track, which is not such an easy feat to accomplish in drum and bass, and really marks the quality of production and musical talent these guys posses. This track seems to pass by in a sort of haze when I’m listening to it, which I think is indicative of a great piece of music. I definitely feel like Handra are the guys to watch at the moment; I can’t see them going anywhere but up, much like the platform for brilliant new music that is Addictive Behaviour.

The final track on this release is a tech infused remix of Handra’s beautiful track: ‘Coat Of Dust’, which had me hooked on these guys from the moment I first heard it. Eastcolors has worked this remix very well, maintaining the fluidity and elegance of the short but instantly recognisable piano riff from the original (as well as the excellent moaning vocal sample), while switching the vibe into something a lot harder and electronic. A very brief intro leads us to the punishing drums that hold the solid techy basis of the track, with a very digital sounding bass line to overlay them. All in all it’s a great switch on the track, which has a distinctively different vibe, without straying to far from the original.

So don’t waste any time! Head over to the Addictive Behaviour store to garb your copy on vinyl or digital, It’s definitely a must have!

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